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Spend! Save!



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A new Bond Girl


My little girl in 007’s sights

Take the Blue Pill

I was listening to the radio as I worked, hearing about today’s list of problems, and thinking about the jobs being taken by robots; wages being pushed down; housing and food getting more unaffordable for many; and the degree of ‘affluenza’ I feel I am suffering from in my own, modest, life. I thought, hey, let’s get on with building The Matrix and then we can all go plug in and tune out.

Then I thought about the movie, and wondered about the basic question it did not address: how exactly did the world it showed come about? How did it all start? Did the ‘enslaved’ humanity actually choose their condition perhaps, as a better alternative to the life they lived? Would they then see the actions of Neo and the Zionists as acts of terrorism? Is this a choice we ourselves will face in the future? Would we do the same if offered the same opportunity?

Pi walks the Planck

Pi, as we know, is an irrational number that expresses the relationship between the radius of a circle and it’s circumference. If we want to know the circumference of a 1 metre diameter circle, say, we can calculate that length to various levels of precision based on how accurate a value of pi we use, i.e pi=3.14 vs  pi=3.14159 etc.

I have read that it is theorized that space stops becoming continuous, and becomes granular, and non-divisible, down at the Planck length or 16.162×10^−36 m. Very small.

At what decimal point in the Pi sequence should we stop at,  for the same diameter circle as above,  before the distance accuracy change is less than the Planck length, and thus become nonsensical? If the idea itself wasn’t already nonsensical.

Answers on a postcard please.

The Rain Room

The Rain Room Is Unveiled At The Curve Inside The Barbican Centre

Rain-Room 3

Rain-Room 2

An indoor art work at the Barbican in London, just closed; a torrential downpour, 1000L/minute; motion controlled, you walk through and won’t get wet; wow:

I guess that makes it official, then


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A crazy photo by Cindy Sherman


This image was sold at auction for the highest pice ever paid for a photograph. Cindy Sherman has been doing staged self-portraits forever, and is rather good at it.

A balanced diet is important


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Crowdsourced photography




Many images of the same views, collected from Fickr, and combined into one image (by others). Amazing.