Take the Blue Pill

by d d b

I was listening to the radio as I worked, hearing about today’s list of problems, and thinking about the jobs being taken by robots; wages being pushed down; housing and food getting more unaffordable for many; and the degree of ‘affluenza’ I feel I am suffering from in my own, modest, life. I thought, hey, let’s get on with building The Matrix and then we can all go plug in and tune out.

Then I thought about the movie, and wondered about the basic question it did not address: how exactly did the world it showed come about? How did it all start? Did the ‘enslaved’ humanity actually choose their condition perhaps, as a better alternative to the life they lived? Would they then see the actions of Neo and the Zionists as acts of terrorism? Is this a choice we ourselves will face in the future? Would we do the same if offered the same opportunity?