Pi walks the Planck

by d d b

Pi, as we know, is an irrational number that expresses the relationship between the radius of a circle and it’s circumference. If we want to know the circumference of a 1 metre diameter circle, say, we can calculate that length to various levels of precision based on how accurate a value of pi we use, i.e pi=3.14 vs  pi=3.14159 etc.

I have read that it is theorized that space stops becoming continuous, and becomes granular, and non-divisible, down at the Planck length or 16.162×10^−36 m. Very small.

At what decimal point in the Pi sequence should we stop at,  for the same diameter circle as above,  before the distance accuracy change is less than the Planck length, and thus become nonsensical? If the idea itself wasn’t already nonsensical.

Answers on a postcard please.