Magic journeys

by d d b

Had a ski club work party to attend up Mt Ruapehu, and drove there last Friday night with my Little Girl. We left after work, stocked with sushi for her, and a stack of Beirut CDs borrowed from the central library for me.

I had heard of the group, but not heard them, until last Thursday when a track of theirs was played on Matinee Idol. I liked, and thought, here is some new music to fill the hours on the drive north from Wellington.

What. A. Treat. A journey of discovery.

The music was captivating (Sante Fe, Nantes, Vagabonds et al), the weather outside the car was gorgeous, and I was blessed by the view of a freshly snow-clad Ruapehu, on a clear evening, illuminated by the dying orange glow of the setting sun as I approached.

Utterly, utterly beautiful. I consider myself so lucky to have reason to go, and take my daughter, to such a special part of the planet; the central North Island volcanos.