On procrastination

by d d b


If it was eligible at Rio, I could Procrastinate for New Zealand, and even medal.

After thinking for months that I had to do something about a leaky door that faced the prevailing (flogging) weather, I finally did something. I had concluded much earlier that the task involved many steps, of some days duration; that I needed to do first This, and then That, and then This, and wait a bit before doing This again, before finally doing That. And I needed a few days of not doing anything else, and rain-free as well, before I could even think of doing all the This’s and That’s. No wonder I did a whole lot of Anything Else’s instead.

But. The stars aligned. I buckled down, and let the cliches reign, and Knocked The Bugger Off. 

Appearances are everything. If you must invest in your home, when you are about to sell, forget the fancy kitchen or bathroom. For best return on the $, concentrate on the space between your front gate and the front door. Such a small thing really, but if I go to sell this place, my piece of work will repay me thousands.