A few simple things

by d d b


First, my little girl called me very early this morning and needed me. To be wanted and needed is a simple, and powerful thing.

Secondly, another person close to me, but not so close as before, is going through a difficult period with his health. He is a sunny, warm and hopeful young man, and I am sad for his troubles, and give thanks for my own health.

Thirdly, today was a beautiful day. I went to the beach. I lay on the sand and let the warm sun beat on my skin. There were beautiful and happy people all around; slim girls, and guys with more six packs than at Liquorland. I swam in the sea, had a latte, and read the Listener.

Fourthly, as it is Sunday, at 4 o’clock I tuned in to Radio Active to listen to Roots n’ Culture. Reggae music lightens and brightens my soul.

Fifthly, my rosebush paraded its second-go-round of summer blooms…