Raging against the dying of the light, continuing

by d d b

hawkins hill

Tonight I had a great ride up to the top of Hawkins Hill, site of the Airways radar dome for Wellington Airport. Timed from Owhiro Bay, I managed to knock about 2mins off my previous best time. Not bad for an old bugger. Who had a glass of syrah in him. And carried an extra couple of kgs thanks to Christmas feasting.

The grade gets fairly steep once you puff past the Brooklyn shops. There is a tough haul in the middle of some 200m that I reckon is close to 30 percent. I mashed my pedals pretty hard on that bit.

At the top it was good to be rewarded by sunshine and dramatic views of Cook Strait, the Marlborough Sounds beyond, and the hills of the South Coast littered with scatterings of flapping wind energy infrastructure.

…and on the theme of flapping, two wild Rainbow Lorikeets raced me down the road on the ride back. That’s a first.