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Tau hou tau hou!


Happy New Year!

I hope 2017 was a good year for you.

You might have noticed that towards the end of the year I dropped out of sight as far as this blog is concerned. I stopped blogging. All my time outside of my job and family commitments was spent  launching a small side-hustle venture: importing and selling online organic fine black teas under my brand “The Wellington Black Tea Company”.

I love tea, and I particularly love tea from Assam in India. It has been a dream of mine to bring some into the country and try to sell it online.

But it’s been hard going. The online market is fairly mature in NZ, with plenty of competition. My products are great, but sales are slow. Not many affordable opportunities to differentiate yourself to consumers apart from building a distinctive brand personality, and promoting it across social media. Which takes time and effort. And Google and FB ads are SO EXPENSIVE. But that’s another story.

I have had to set up a stall at a weekly market to shift stock and boost my profile. It has been hard work standing up on my feet all day selling, but it’s been a wonderful learning opportunity (as this all has been), so that’s all good. I have learned that my customers like my tea, and that is most gratifying.

Tau hou tau hou. May this year bring health and happiness to you and yours. Thanks for reading, and for all your comments this year.

Nga mea pai katoa ki a koe.

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The best Cafe in the world


Having a Flat White at the Knoll Ridge Cafe at Whakapapa Skifield. A very special place to be. Feeling grateful!

Live Review: Mogwai at James Cabaret, Wellington

It was loud! But great! That last track thundered! (And the kicker the review describes got me too…)

Will Not Fade


w/ Mick Turner

James Cabaret, Wellington

Friday 6 March 2015

The term “post-rock” suggests that the genre of music has evolved beyond standard rock. And for Glaswegian act Mogwai, this appears accurate. They have gone past the standard band formula of guitar, bass, drums and vocals, expanding their sound with the use of synths, 12 string guitars, multiple drums (both electric and acoustic), vocoder and violin. Electric and analogue sounds marry to create something unique.

For the most part there were five musicians on stage. Sometimes the keyboard player would play a third guitar. Touring member Luke Sutherland made an appearance for a handful of songs, fleshing out the sound more with his violin, or by singing, or playing some secondary drums.

The lights were an integrated part of the experience. There were three neon looking hexagons from the cover of Rave Tapes that pulsated and flickered. Backlights synchronised…

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Fifteen Questions I Bet You Wish Someone Would Ask You

The Quotidian Diary

I’ve been going through old files lately, and fun stuff keeps popping up. Today I found a piece of paper with a bunch of questions written on it. I’m assuming they are questions I created, but I’m not sure of their original purpose. Questions for prospective boyfriends? To ask at a networking event? To ask my family or complete strangers?

Whatever the intent, here they are. Feel free to answer one or two or all. See some of my answers following the list.

  1. A stray, sweet chocolate lab comes to your door. You let him in, give him a bath, feed him. You love him. What do you name him?
  2. What is your first memory?
  3. What don’t you have that everyone else has?
  4. What do you have that no one else has?
  5. What small town (less than 5,000 people) would you live in if you could?
  6. If you could do…

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Sol eclipsed by Venus, in UV


Looking very fine, thanks Nasa

Moneyscramble: round 2

Well said, Danyl, once again

You can see my house from here


Image from Nasa I guess. I don’t like heights.

In the Zombie Apocalypse, Shaggy, Fred and Daphne didn’t make it.

Thelma by Colie Travis Pitts

Good to see Velma ditched the turtleneck. Art  by Colie Travis Pitts



Crank it up!

She canna hold it, cap’n! Or Pigs in Space..

Battersea Power Station, London

Before the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 there was the Battersea Power Station…